The Pyramid Must Fall

We’re Not Radicals
May 14, 2010, 1:19 pm
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If we buy into how we’re portrayed, then we’ll just become stereotypes of how the people that hate us see us. We’ll become the anarchist equivalent of the n-word; offensive, prejudiced caricatures. We might embrace this image just because we hate them back and it feels good to be something so loathed by them, but what it does is allow them to dictate our image; our nature. It makes what we’re doing feel less real, less practical, less of a serious threat to their order.

We shouldn’t let them cast us as Molotov-throwing hooligan clowns. We’re not a joke. We’re not joking. We’re sober intellectuals. We’re adults. We’re the responsible, civilized contingent of society. They are the criminals. They are the troublemakers, not us. We’re the ones who care about maintaining a respectful, sane, orderly, mature society. They support slavery.

Don’t be ashamed to claim what is rightfully ours; the role of responsible adults. They are the children, we are the parents. All of the paraphernalia, the propaganda, the art, the style of dress, the anarchist “culture”, the anarchist “aesthetic theory”, the rebel persona… all of that is just tinsel. It has very little to do with actual anarchism. It’s probably all the product of marketing anyway.

Anarchism is something any responsible adult should be able to embrace. The only reason anarchist society is radicalized is because we are occupied by a hostile force. They refuse to stop exploiting us. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be, because, underneath it all, we’re not radicals. We’re not shock jocks. We just want people to be able to live their lives freely, peacefully, and equally. Fascists are the ones killing all our buzzes; unwanted; trolling humanity like an occupier, then marginalizing us when we get sick of it.

I guess my point is this: don’t embrace the image you’re portrayed as. Don’t expect others to do so and don’t feel any pressure to do so. I’m a normal-looking guy who wears normal-looking clothes. I don’t have any peircings or tattoos. My haircut is completely regular. I’m a normal person. I just happen to be an anarchist.