The Pyramid Must Fall

De-centralize the State!
November 10, 2009, 11:56 am
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No one can be expected to see it all. No one can be expected to see how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time, but one can be expected to see the direction we are going in. Wealthy white male privilege is being challenged. We’ve been challenging it for years, decades, centuries… and one should expect we will continue to challenge it. Now, what does this mean?

Grab your remote control and switch on your television. Most likely the news shows you see will be about wealthy white male rule. If not, then about wealthy white rule. If not, then about wealthy rule. Or maybe they’ll avoid the topic altogether, which just tells you something about the nature of the channel you’re watching. We’re challenging each and every property of that description — wealth, race, and sex — and replacing it with the idea that neither of those deserve the kind of privilege afforded it by our society today. This is a thoroughly dangerous idea, for the group of individuals which fit that description have been in the driver’s seat of our civilization for as long as any of us can remember. They’ve responded violently in order to suppress any dissent. High-power water hoses and white hoods come to mind. But those actions have only backfired. It has only served to whittle away at their legitimacy in the public mind. So they have to pretend that they’re not in control. That’s how they maintain it now.

But we’re smarter than that. They try to drug us with soma; plant seeds of escapism in our minds. It’s tantamount to a burglar waving a chew toy to distract a guard dog whose hair is standing up on his back and whose teeth and gums are showing. We’re not going to let their entertainment distract us. We’re not going to let them convince us they’re not still in charge. It’s not hard to see that they are.

So, the challenge now is to detect their chew toys, and to re-focus our eyes on the burglar in the house. What is he doing now? Waging wars for oil, natural gas pipelines and poppies? You bet. Cheering the fastest drop in “labor costs” since 1948? You bet. The veins of the poor are still open and the rich are still sucking every ounce of blood they can from them. They pit the poor against the poor for the benefit of the rich through concepts like terrorism. What did they call the Cuban or Brazilian peasants who revolted against enslavement and sugar monoculture? Terrorists or communists, I suppose. Then they commenced to hunt them down and decapitate them, or cut pregnant women’s bellies open, or skewer their children on their bayonets only to return to the wealthy white male/s who had ordered it with bags of severed ears as proof that they did what they were told. They followed the orders. No doubt that soldier had a hard time making ends meet himself.

Enough. We need to take our eyes off the things that are keeping us distracted and finally recognize the truly radical nature of the doctrine that all humans are created equal and that political legitimacy is truly dependent upon the consent of the governed. And manufactured consent is no consent at all.

To see the arch of history is to see a continual progression toward the de-centralization of illegitimate power.  Whatever takes us even further in this direction should be seen as a positive development. As a writer for the upcoming political documentary Dear America: From Patriotism to Participation, I see the arch of history like never before. Illegitimate authority has taken some hard hits to the face thus far. What we have is a woozy opponent. We shouldn’t let his erratic dancing in the ring fool us into thinking he’s still the all-powerful opponent he was when we began this fight. And we must snap out of the hypnosis he has put us in and realize that we are — this generation is — still locked in a fight with this entity. Our tag team partners (the generations before us) threw punches that were hard and true. A few more blows, and he could be on the mat, down for the count, forever.

The National Initiative for Democracy represents the hardest, most accurate and true punch we can possibly throw at this point. A law-making populace — rather than a vulnerable group of his law-making buddies — neutralizes what flimsy power of his remains.

That is why I beg that you see things in the larger perspective, see the National Initiative as it relates to the rest of history, overcome the mentality that benefits them most, and contribute to the making of an explanatory documentary about the National Initiative for Democracy. Whether or not we pass it into law or not doesn’t matter so much. This documentary seeks to explain to people the arch of history — that we are still battling this illegitimate authority — and that’s something that could overflow into all other areas of life, and possibly spur the greatest mass movement in the history of humanity; the final overthrow of wealthy white male privilege.

We’re going to do this fucking thing. I want to hit him so hard, but I need you. Please, help us in this effort. Go to our website and there you can read more about this documentary and contribute. Freedom is defined as “participation in power”. So, ask yourself, are you free? Wake up, slave. Escape.


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Are you a rasict, why must the diatribe be against “wealthy white males?” Just because a bunch of country club pigopolists run the show, doesnt mean that their are not plenty of white males who are just as disenfranchised with the current system.

Comment by White Man

No, of course I’m not racist. I’m a white guy. I’m just saying that wealthy white males have been our oppressors for ages and they have wealth privilege, male privilege, and white privilege. Google those, if you do not know what those are. And they maximize those to their benefit and everyone else’s detriment. I am disenfranchised by the current system by the wealthy, for the most part.

Comment by antiherogoodkind

I can’t help but think of the Athenian Democracy when you bring up law-making citizens. I know many people like to dismiss the example, given it was some 2500 years ago, but how humans negotiate power and structure hasn’t changed all that much in all this time. The curse of Athens was their pure democratic style – each citizen could vote on measures, introduce them, and speak for an against them.

What this led to was demagogues who ended up holding huge numbers of votes through pure emotion and mob mentality.

People would say that things have changed much since then, but sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. I’d suggest that whoever wants to advocate for direct democracy read some of the arguments from Pericles to the Athenians and see how similar they sound to things we’ve heard in recent history.

Comment by DerekP

The difference is that the Democracy Amendment and the Democracy Act would make things much more sophisticated than you the Athenian method (to say the least). There would be great transparency, and only natural persons could use funds in support of an initiative. All we’re asking is for the chance to explain it. If you went to our website you undoubtedly will have read the part that said “Short explanatory videos cannot adequately capture the breadth and historical relevance of the National Initiative.” Well, neither can short explanatory comments or blog posts. Truth should be the goal, not the starting point. Sometimes having an opinion can be unintelligent.

We have systems in place to protect minority rights. In Texas, we just voted to protect individual property owners from having their property seized for non-public purposes. Most of the time, people who are against direct democracy are people who have an agenda that a majority of people would be against. This is why we overthrew monarchs to begin with. Not all majoritarian decisions are violations of unalienable rights. If you don’t support majority rule, then you support minority rule, which is indefensible.

Comment by antiherogoodkind

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